We Do One Thing Only We Make You $Money

The key difference between US and THEM:

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We are quicker to reply than your clingy girlfriend. We are not the typical agency that replies to you in 3-5 business days, expect 5-10 minute response times 24/7.


As subjective as this may sound, it is an objective fact: We are the best there is, and there is absolutely nothing we cannot do. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!


Anyone whoever said money doesn't matter, was a liar. How much money you make is the only thing that matters, and we specialize in filling our customer's pockets with $$$.


We value your time and we value our own time. We get work done as fast as possible without sacrificing any quality. The faster we finish, the faster we can all move on.

Food For Thought

Let’s be honest...

THE COLD HARD TRUTH: We all have the same goal, and that goal is make money. Some might say they want to grow their brand awareness, some might say they want to “accomplish their dreams” but these are all indirect ways of saying the same thing, thankfully we don’t beat around the bush, so let’s make some money.

Mazdak Zare - CEO

On the Battlefield: The secret behind everything success is taking responsibility. Outside of the business side of things, I give every customer my personal guarantee for their satisfaction. Website, app or marketing project, in any case I will attend to your needs PERSONALLY.