Kesenci GmbH

We’re thrilled to have partnered up with Kesenci GmbH, working together to save them 3% on each sale amounting to over 1,000,000€ every year.

The Story

The main problem they were facing was that they sell only on Amazon and E-bay which results in 2-3% fees per transaction, although it may seem like a small number, for a successful seller like Kesenci GmbH this adds up to around 100.000€ per month. To avoid this fee, we built them their own online shop with their own custom payment system. This website saves allows them to pay no middle man fees whatsoever. They use a general supply chain and invoicing tool called JTL- Wawi that we integrated to their website, now if anyone buys anything from any platform, the supply is automatically updated.

Customer Acquisition
12%Physical Store

Let's talk numbers

The first problem was the lack of a platform to sell cost free, the next challenge we faced was to convince the customers to buy directly from the website rather than the 3rd party platforms they use before. This required a large E-Comm marketing campaign built to promote each of their products from a list of over 3000+ products. This was especially challenging due to the volume of the project along with gaining the customers rust to avoid using the 3rd party platforms. We also used different strategies like giving 5-10% discount incentives when products are bought from the website in order to move the general traffic to our desired platform.